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General Principles of LEFM Time-of-Flight Ultrasonic Flow Measurements – Part 1

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Author: Herb Estrada ~ Chief Engineer , Cameron Measurements
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A time-of-flight ultrasonic flow measurement system projects acoustic energy along one or more diagonal paths through the pipe in which flow is to be measured. Such an acoustic path is illustrated in Figure 1. If the upstream or A transducer is excited by a burst of electrical energy, it will transmit a packet or pulse of acoustic energy into the adjacent medium.

Guidelines for Gas Turbine Meters Calibration

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Factory Calibration ( Water/Air )

All NuFlo™ and Barton® Gas Turbine meters are factory-tested to verify the meter’s linearity and repeatability over a limited range of the meter capacity.

• NuFlo meters are proved in air. Linearity is ±2.0% of reading over the flow range when installed with straight pipe per AGA-7 guidelines. Repeatability is typically ±0.5%. Calibration certificate are available on request.

• Barton meters are proved in water. Linearity is ±1.0% of reading over the flow range when installed with straight pipe per AGA-7 recommendations. Repeatability is typically ±0.02%.Calibration certificates are shipped with each meter.

CAMERON’s Complete Line of Gas Measurement Meters

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Gas flow can be measured with several different devices, each with different primary measurement principles, applicable ranges and costs. Selecting the proper meter for a given application requires an assessment of flow rates, required accuracy and cost-to-benefit expectations.

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