Caldon Ultrasonic Flowmeter

When accuracy and reliability are critical the Caldon® family of LEFM® Ultrasonic Meters provides the petroleum industry with a durable, stable and low cost-of-ownership measurement option. The three LEFM models – the LEFM 220C, LEFM 240C and LEFM 280C – cover a broad range of measurement demands and allow users to choose just the right amount of metering “horsepower” whether it is for custody transfer, check or allocation metering, or leak detection/line balance applications.


The Caldon LEFM 220C Ultrasonic Flow Meter is a two chordal path, ultrasonic flow meter intended for applications in which reliability and accuracy are critical. The LEFM 220C is ideally suited for petroleum allocation, check metering, and pipeline integrity (line balance) and provides unsurpassed economy and performance in these applications. The LEFM 220C will provide superior performance in many other applications, including chemicals with high and low temperatures, as well as liquids and liquids with high solids content where other metering technologies fail.


The LEFM 240 ultrasonic meter is a compact, high performance unit designed specifically for custody transfer or fiscal metering applications. The four-chordal path design ensures linearity over a wide flow range and the ability to handle a wide range of petroleum fluids including crude oils, refined products and blends. Its versatility allows application in single or multiple product pipelines, as well as ship loading/off loading and off-shore applications.


The LEFM 280C ultrasonic meter offers the highest level of performance of any ultrasonic flow meter on the market today. Its design makes it immune to swirl and other installation effects. This fact makes the LEFM 280C the ideal meter for the transfer of laboratory calibration to the field. The configuration of the meter provides redundancy for ultimate reliability. It can be used with confidence in remote applications, where provers are not practical, or where space and weight allowances are limited.


CAMErON’S CALDON® LEFM® 380Ci gas ultrasonic flowmeter combines world-leading flow control technology with one of the lowest costs of installation and operation of any flowmeter on the market today for the natural gas industry.

The 380Ci meter design addresses the needs of the natural gas industry by eliminating the need for flow conditioning, providing a smaller meter installed footprint, reducing the risk of corrosion and/or contamination of internal meter surfaces, and improving safety for technicians servicing the meter.

As a world leader in transit-time ultrasonic technology applications, Cameron has integrated its eight-path, dual-plane flowmeter design with new technology to introduce the LEFM 380Ci gas ultrasonic flowmeter for use in natural gas applications, including, but not limited to, custody- transfer metering, fiscal metering, city gate metering, check metering and transfer of product to and from underground storage facilities.

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