Cameron NuFlo Safety Relief Valves

In the mid 1940s, a new relief valve actuated with a pilot rather than a spring set a new
standard for pressure control. The valve, manufactured over the years by companies like Garrett, USI and Axelson, is now manufactured and sold by Cameron under the NuFlo brand.
The NuFlo pilot-operated pressure relief valves are an example of a tradition of advanced
design and high-quality manufacturing abilities. These valves offer advantages not found in
other relief valves-spring- or pilot-operated.


  • Soft or Hard Seals
  • Variable Flange Dimension
  • In-Service Test Kit
  • Manual Blowdown
  • Direct or Remote Control
  • No “Simmer”
  • Special Flanges



  • Full Flow Capacity
  • Backflow Protection
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Non-Flowing Pilots
  • Coated Bodies
  • Easier Handling
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