About Us

Mohammed Binghalib Energy Enterprises LLC, (MBEE), established in 1982 as one of the first companies in the Arabian Gulf to specialize solely in stocking and selling instrumentation, valves & automation products. MBEE has grown into a premier supplier of precision instrumentation catering to the oil, gas, chemical, water and power industries.

With more than thirty years of experience, MBEE has the expertise to aid our customers in making the correct choices when it comes to their instrumentation, automation and valve requirements.


M.B.E.E was founded in 1981 to fill a technological vacuum in the Middle East. Technical sales organizations were virtually non-existant, forcing users to depend on foreign suppliers for nearly all technical supplies. The close liaison between manufacturer and user, which is considered a necessity in the petrochemical industry, was impossible.

Equipment was supplied and installed in a manner prejudicial to a long and successful service life. Products were sometimes destroyed simply because the manufacturer could not maintain the necessary close contact with the field.

M.B.E.E. was formed and structured to supply the missing ingredient in the user/supplier relationship. We keep close contact with field engineers and service personnel. We are highly service conscious and acutely aware of our professional responsibility to keep your fields producing and our products working all day, every day, at your service.

At M.B.E.E. we are proud of our staff. Each one of us is dedicated to serve you, our customers and friends. Every M.B.E.E. engineer is trained to assist you in every phase of the procurement process – from working with you on basic application engineering to assisting with system design and optimization. We are ready to advise and guide where requested.

We offer the best products at fair and reasonable prices, serviced right here and now, by people who care – who take pride in what they do. We want you to come back.

A technical supply company is as strong as the products it can offer. M.B.E.E. stands head and shoulders above the rest, both in quality and range of product lines available.

From workhorses like Flow meters and Control valves, through critical safety components to the latest state of the art microchip based analytical and control systems, we simply sell the best.

The finest products in the world cannot help you unless they are available locally. We maintain a large and carefully selected inventory to serve you in an emergency. Each item is carefully selected to provide optimum performance in the most difficult conditions.

All products covered by our company are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Wherever possible we reinforce that warranty by providing exchange or repair facilities in our territories. We realize that you are using the equipment daily and a warranty five thousand away sometimes seems like no warranty at all. We are her to solve this kind of problem in house before it costs you downtime and lost production.

Popular Products

  • 01Cameron NuFlo EZIN Flowmeter
  • 02Cameron NuFlo MC-III TFM Totalizer
  • 03Cameron NuFlo Scanner 2000 Micro Flow Computer
  • 04Cameron Barton Mechanical Chart Recorder
  • 05Valtek Sulamericana GXL Control Valve
  • 06Oliver Valves Instrument Manifold
  • 07Oliver Valves Double Block & Bleed Valve