Cameron NUFLO Scanner 2000

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The Scanner 2000 microEFM packs the gas, liquid, and ancillary measurement capabilities, traditionally found in large flow computers, into a compact, low-power instrument that operates economically as a stand-alone chart recorder replacement, flow computer, data logger, and totalizer making it the ideal product for test separator measurement.
By gathering all liquid and gas flow rates, wellhead pressure and temperature, casing pressure, separator pressure and temperature into a single common platform, all the data is immediately available to view, log or trend via industry standard well testing software packages. A reduction of between 15-20% of total transmitters and vastly simplified wiring makes rig up of portable test separators very quick and simple. All the transmitters are on a single RS485 loop.

The Scanner 2000 can operate autonomously with an integral battery for a year or longer. Using only its integrated sensors, the Scanner 2000 can measure differential pressure, pressure, temperature and flow meter pulses. The device can scale and calculate flow, indicate and record data, which can be downloaded to a user’s PC via a USB connection. Alternatively, the integral keypad can be used to configure basic parameters and access historical data.
The instrument can be factory-installed on Cameron gas and liquid turbine meters, orifice meters, and cone meters or shipped separately for connection to other primary flow sensors. The Scanner 2000 can measure the standard volume, mass and energy flows of saturated steam and many types of gasses and liquids with custody transfer precision. In its most basic form, the Scanner 2000 replicates the Barton 202 flow recorder, the Barton 242 pressure and temperature recorder, and the Barton 200 and 227 differential pressure indicators.

With the addition of external connections, the Scanner 2000 can also act as a multi-variable transmitter, RTU and PID controller. This additional information can be transferred to and from the 2000 by analog or pulse (frequency), Modbus® or FOUNDATION™ fieldbus serial communications. A single Scanner 2000 is powerful enough to measure the gas, oil and water flow from a 2- or 3-phase separator or compute the flow from an ultrasonic gas flow meter. The Scanner 2000 is also versatile enough to act as a simple two-stream turbine
totalizer or provide a fieldbus connection to a positive displacement or turbine meter.

Product Features Include:

  • Autonomous operation for 1 year (typical) via integral lithium battery pack
  • Measures: Industrial and Hydrocarbon, Gases, Liquids, Saturated Steam
  • Senses: Differential Pressure, Pressure, Temperature,  Flowmeter Pulses
  • Computes : Standard Volume , Mass , Energy
  • Logs, indicates and communicates any measured or computed variable
  • Downloads historical data at high speeds for analysis and data export using full-featured Windows-based software
  • Certified internationally for measurement and electrical safety
  • Supports a variety of protocols: RTU Modbus®,  Enron Modbus®, FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus


  • NuFlo Scanner  2000 microEFM Technial Datasheet. Download
  • Scanner 2000 microEFM Well Testing Solution. Download

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