Barton CryoScan 60 Remote Tank Telemetry System

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The Barton CryoScan® 60 (CS60) Remote Tank Telemetry System is an ideal solution for automating tank inventory management. The ability to remotely monitor storage tank levels helps eliminate product shortage and minimizes the need for “extra” product deliveries. The CS60 provides up-to-the minute tank level measurement using pressure and level sensors or inputs from 4-20 mA transmitters. Up to four sensors can be added to each CS60 unit for added value. Best of all, CS60 users retrieve their tank level data directly from their computer, without having to download files from a website or third-party data host. Built-in alarms alert the operator when a parameter drops to a user-specified setpoint. An operator can also run a status report “on demand” for instantaneous data monitoring.


  • Monitors up to four tanks withoptional remote sensors
  • Two configurable alarms for eachinput (high or low, with output alert on alarm and alarm clear)
  • Six 4-20 mA inputs, two 4-20 mA outputs, two contact inputs and two latching relay outputs are available with option board
  • Solar and AC power options (24V loop power available with AC-powered units)
  • Landline or cellular data modem (external antenna available)
  • LCD is user-configurable and easy to read with 0.7-in. characters
  • Cameron Barton CryoScan Data Sheet Download

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