GLH – General & Severe Service High Pressure Control Valves

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The GLH valve is the GLS valve version for high pressure applications, and it has incorporated the main technical characterisics of the GLS such as, high performance, easy maintenance and versatility have beenadopted.

In addition, its oversized components sturdiness, as for example, the plug stem, and the use of special packings to prevent fugitive emissions (supplied as standard items), contribute to reliable operation of these valves in extremely critical industrial applications.

The GLH globe control valves were designed for high-pressure applications on industrial pro- cesses. The GLH Series was developed as an ex- tension to the design of the renowned GLS con- trol valve made by Valtek Sulamericana, having similar advanced characteristics such as the self- centering seat, the double upper guide system, the top entry assembly and spring-cylinder actuators, among other features.

The clamped-in seat ring, secured by the seat retainer, as well as all other components of the valve and the actuator, does not require any special tool for its removal. The plug, manufactured in one sin- gle piece, is not guided by the seat retainer (cage- guided) and this increases the trim service life.

Manufactured on sizes from 1 to 24 inches and ANSI 900, 1500 and 2500 pressure classes, the GLH Series is available with several body and trim configurations, including special versions for applications under severe service conditions. Its rational design is a particular feature of the GLH Series, as well as interchangeability of the parts and the easy maintenance, which translates into reduced operating costs.

The GLH Series uses double-acting cylinder and piston type actuators, with positive spring to assure required failsafe position, providing high pneumatic stiffness, excellent positioning in throttling control, fast and reliable response to the control signal variation. Operating with air supply up to 150 psi (10.3 Bar), the actuators of the GLH Series provide also more than sufficient force to assure the desired tightness, even when the valve operates with very high differential pressures.

The positioner options, which include HPP1500 analog and HPP3000/HPP3500 digital models, complete the high performance technology package and make the GLH Series the most prestigious control valves for high pressure applications in the worldwide market.

  • GLH Globe Valve Technical Data Sheet Download

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