VXL – Segmented Ball Control Valve

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Although it incorporates some technical characteristics of the VB valve such as, self-centering seat and splined drive shaft that prevent motion loss, the project of VXL segmented ball valve has been developed with day-by-day applications in mind, namely with ANSI ratings 150 and 300.

Thus, the VXL line benefits from a rationalized range of options, the high level of interchangeability with other Valtek Sulamericana rotary valves and a high production volume, which make it one of the most competitive segmented V-notch ball valves of the world market.

The VXL segmented ball control valve was developed as a simple, lightweight and more eco- nomical alternative to the renowned and advan- ced design of Valtek Sulamericana VB segmen- ted ball control valve. This valve combines the sturdiness characteristics of integral body globe valves with the typical efficiency of rotary valves.
Designed to overcome the challenges of controlling industrial processes for slurry, fibers or particulate material fluid services, the VXL valve provides accurate and reliable control for a broad range of applications in chemical, pulp & paper, power, and oil & gas industries. The V-shaped ball assures to the VXL control valve an excellent operational performance and, its superior 300:1 range- ability allows an exceptional control in applica- tins involving gases, liquids and steam.

Available in sizes from 1 to 8 inches and, in a wide variety of materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel bodies, the VXL valve was designed to operate with temperatures from -20 to 600 °F (-28 to 315 °C) and pressure ranges corresponding to ANSI 150 and 300 or DIN PN 16 – 40.

VXL valves may be supplied either with flangeless or integral flanges body. The V-shaped segmen- ted ball provides accurate control of the fluid with- in all opening angles, while its self-centering seat and the pressure assisted bi-directional sealing sys- tem assures high levels of tightness. All these features together make the VXL valve one of the most advanced segmented ball valve in the world market.

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