Oliver Valve – Double Block & Bleed Valve

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Bolted Contruction DBB Valves

Machined from a barstock forging, this valve features two inline ball pattern primary and secondary isolating valves and a heavy duty needle vent valve. Ball valve bore sizes from 14mm and 20mm (0.55” to 0.8”).

Standard Specification

  • Maximum rating 2500lb class
  • Maximum temperature 240°C
  • Metal to metal seated needle valve
  • Soft seated ball valve

Key Features

  • Compact ‘grain controlled’ forged double block and bleed valve
  • Needle valve features non-rotating, anti galling tip
  • Anti-blow out spindle
  • Reduced bore ball valve
  • Each valve traceable by unique number


Forged DBB Valves






  • D Type Flange to Flange
  • D Type Flange to Pipe
  • EL Type
  • N Type Flange to Pipe

Instrument DBB Valves

  • ID Type
  • IN Type
  • L Type
  • T Type

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