Process Metering

Process Metering is metering that is required as part of the process. Accuracy is not generally a high criteria in selection of such meter, however suitability for the process fluids and conditions are vital to ensure accurate readings.
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Well Injection

Well injection metering measures the fluids injected in wells, such as water, gas or chemicals. This data is used regularly by Reservoir Engineers to ensure upkeep and well and reservoir.
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Allocation Metering

Generally used to meter product between production units, separator flows, and also meter the flows from individual wells to a central gathering facility.
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Fiscal Metering

Fiscal metering occurs when a petroleum product's ownership is transferred from one party to another. Transfer points can occur at various locations such as pipelines, borders and tanker loading terminals. Metering the transfer of product requires a high degree of meter accuracy and must follow stringent standards.
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Well Test Metering

Wells are tested regularly to verify the amounts of oil, water and gas that they produce.
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Leak Detection

Leak detection is a major part of cross country pipelines today. It is of the upmost importance that leaks are detected within a certain amount of time to avoid any damage or harm to the environment. Flowmeters are used in leak detection along with specialized computer systems.
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Products – by Application

Our products cna be used in extensive applications randing frmo metering to control and telemetry. Some are designed for various environments i.e Water submersible , Explosion proof ATEX , and so on.

Please contact us if you need any assistance is picking the right product for your application.

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