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The NUFLO™ Cone Meter is a process control and multi-fluid meter that provides accurate, repeatable and cost optimized measurement solutions for a wide range of upstream and downstream applications. A key feature of this device is its ability to fit into small spaces while offering large and stable turndowns with high levels of accuracy and repeatability. The NUFLO Cone Meter guarantees a unique solution outside the scope of traditional technologies, due to the hydrodynamic shape of the cone.

The NUFLO DP Cone Meter is a unique product and technology that provides accurate and repeatable measurement solutions for upstream, midstream and downstream applications. Key advantages include optimized operations in small spaces, extreme temperatures and diverse conditions.


Wide Rangeability

The NuFlo Cone Meter is designed to operate over large turndowns which allows differential pressures to be measured down to < 1 inch water column.The cone meter also generates a low noise differential pressure signal at the center and back of the cone.

High Performance Characteristics

The NuFlo Cone Meter achieves accuracies of up to ± 0.5% of reading (Reynolds Number and fluid dependent) with a nominal repeatability of 0.1% under many conditions and modes of operation. The meter can operate with turndowns nominally up to 10-1. These specifications meet custody transfer performance requirements for natural gas transmission measurements with sizes to > 36 inches.

Technical Flexibility

The NuFlo Cone Meter can be manufactured in diameters from 1 in. to 48 in with flanges ranging from Class 150 to 1500 in accordance with ASME B31.3. This sizing flexibility, plus the availability of special materials (duplex stainless steel and hastelloy) offers a new solution for specialty fluid metering requirements.

Space Savings and Weight Reduction

Differential pressure systems usually require long upstream and downstream lengths which add high overall cost to most metering installations. The NuFlo Cone Meter has the ability to re-distribute and change the velocity profile upstream of its cone. This “flow conditioning” allows for the use of a shorter meter run which in turn reduces installation and setup costs. This is especially significant in the offshore environment where space and weight issues are relevant and where “real estate” is at a premium

Low Cost of Ownership

The NuFlo Cone Meter has no moving parts nor does it require the replacement of primary spare parts for the operational life of the unit.4 The meter is constructed from high grade traceable materials and both high quality welding and NDT techniques are strictly applied throughout in the manufacturing process. Minimum wear occurs at the beta edge of the cone because this edge is downstream of the flow which helps to maintain a constant stable geometry through the meter’s operating life.

Calibration and Coefficient of Discharge [C.d.]


Each NuFlo Cone Meter is pre-calibrated with water to four points at the factory to determine its Coefficient of Discharge (C.d.) which allows for enhanced performance. Further enhanced C.d. determination is available at various approved laboratories in the USA and Europe. This enables higher Reynolds numbers to be determined. (Larger meter sizes may be limited by test laboratory flow rates and uncertainties.)

Differential Cone Meter Technical Sheet Download

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