NuFLO Scanner 1141 Flow Computer

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The NUFLO™ Scanner® 1141 is a single and dual stream measurement RTU designed specifically to provide flow monitoring and control for oil and gas gathering and production operations. Featuring a full range of operator-configurable mass, energy, and volume algorithms, the Scanner 1141 simplifies the collection, processing and transmitting of data.

While the Scanner 1141 can accept inputs from low-power transmitters, RTDs and pulse-producing devices, an optional highly accurate and stable MVT (multi-variable transducer) provides low-cost measurement of static and differential pressure. Factory-integrated devices such as the MVT reduce capital and installation


  • A field-retrofittable expansion board provides additional inputs/ outputs for system expansion.
  • Serial ports can be configured as Modbus® masters for communicating with devices like NUFLO’s MVX series transmitters, enabling dual-stream measurement
  • Local displays are clear and large for unequaled viewing.
    A broad selection of units of measure makes the Scanner a true global EFM solution.
  • Energy-efficient power management system controls measurement, calculations, communications, and end devices for solar-powered operation.
  • full line of software products to provide the final piece in completing a complete measurement system
  • NuFLO Scanner 1141 Flow Computer Data Sheet Download

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