GLS – General & Severe Service Control Valve

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Used in most continuous process industries, the GLS valve is recognized for its excellent sealing capacity, actuating thrust, positioning precision and simple maintenance.

The design with self-centering seat, double upper guide system and spring-cylinder actuators assures GLS high performance and reliability, benefits that add to the various options of special trims and bodies.

The GLS globe control valve presents a superior performance, while providing an easy, quick and economical maintenance. Differently from other control valves operated by spring-diaphragm ac- tuators, the GLS Series operated by double acting spring-cylinder actuator takes ad- vantage of its high pneumatic stiffness, which ensures an excellent and accurate positioning in throttling control, as well as fast and reliable response to the control signal. Since the actuator operates with air supply pressure up to 150 psi (10.3 Bar), the GLS Series provides also enough power to ensure the specified shutoff class, even under high differential pressures.

While the spring-diaphragm actuators depends entirely on the spring force to close the valve, in the GLS Series control valves, the spring force, the air supply pres- sure and the pressure of the process fluid itself are combined together to produce a high closing force, thus assuring high levels of tightness. Due to its self-cen- tering seat design, the GLS Series valve easily meets the tightness levels specified.

The most common problems associated to control valves may be attributed to the cage-guided systems. The close contact between the metallic surfaces of the seat retainer (cage) and the plug frequently results in friction wear and jamming. For this reason, the GLS Series has a double upper guide system, which is located outside the flow path and completely eliminates direct contact between the plug and the seat retainer.

Same as the valve, the actuator also has a light, compact construction, and permits easy handling when compared with conventional spring-diaphragm actuators.

Due to its advanced design, the assembly comprised by the valve and the actua- tor presents a high level of sturdiness and performance, making the GLS Series a worldwide reference in its category.

  • GLS Globe Valve Technical Data Sheet Download

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